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FOTR August 20, 2005 Work Weekend Plans

(Historical Record; Project Completed)

If you're looking for the Spider Lake Closure Information, please click here. Thanks, Del

Our main effort this weekend will be centered from the Rubicon/Soda Springs camping area, Main Camp. This will be our headquarters, as well as our camping site. We have the Springs reserved for our work party, as well as our evening meeting/party. There will be a small Chrysler (Jeep) group there, but they know we're coming. We can share. The Peninsula Low Rangers will be camped at Dirty Dozen and some of them will be jumping in to help us with our projects.


Some of the projects on our list of things to do for this big work weekend include:

1. McKinney Road/Miller Lake area possible mud hole projects and water bar repairs (DOUG BARR) -- Friday project, August 19. We still need more folks to sign up for this one if you can get there Friday am.

2. Rubicon river bridge log jam removal and bank side rehabilitation (RUSTY FOLENA).

3. Trail User Count Activities (RANDY BURLESON).

4. Further repairs to the swamp area between Cadillac and the Springs.

5. Continue drainage work and channel reconstruction of Miller Creek (DOUG BARR).

6. Haul rock.....mud holes and such around the Springs area. (MATT THRESHER)

7. Possible rock haul or log road construction in/around the Springs. (MATT THRESHER)

8. Loon Lake Kiosk deck and other improvements (for those that can't
make it to the Rubicon Springs Main Camp project area).

Other possibilities:
* Powerwash/oil-sorb Little Sluice?
* Sign/Stencil/Reflector Installation
* Walker Hill approach and Mid-Hill
* Gatekeeper Repairs


As usual, we will have Team Leaders assigned to each project, and crews assigned to the Teams. (If you need to read more about how we organize FOTR work projects, click here.)

Kevin Carey will serve as OPS Chief.

Doug Barr is our McKinney Road/Placer Side Team Leader (Friday) -- called the Tahoe Team; and our Miller Creek Team Leader (Saturday).

Rusty Folena is our Bridge Log Jam Team Leader.

Randy Burleson is our Trail User Count and Water Sample Team Leader.

Matt King is our Bridge Paint Team Leader.

Matt Thresher is taking on the Rock Haul Team around the Springs.

Scott Johnston will be the Swamp Team Leader.

MEDICS: include Mark Foley, Lois Silvernail, Paul Moon and Doug Barr.

Each Team Leader will assign a Safety Officer.

Bev Folena will serve as Documentation Team Leader (time cards) and Check In Team Leader.

Walter Swiacki will be the Logistics Chief and Camp Team Leader.


We have use of the kitchen/BBQ area, as well as the Main Camp tables and such. Bring your briquettes if you want to throw some in the rock BBQ there. We can all eat together in/around the Main Camp after the work day. Team up to save space and effort. We will assign a FOTR clean up crew to make sure we leave Main Camp in great condition.

If you want to team up with some other folks and cook in your own camp, that's cool too. But plan on being at the Springs main camp after dinner for a camp fire and the social time.


Plan to camp in/around Rubicon/Soda Springs Main Camp (private property area). The Dirty Dozen area is reserved by another group (some of whom will be jumping in to help FOTR with our projects). FOTR has Main Camp for all our activities. Sign-In and information will be located there. Try to arrive Friday if you can.

Email me if you have a particular interest. Del

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