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Rubicon Trail Master Plan

NOTE: 2008 -- the Rubicon Trail Master Plan efforts were discontinued by Eldorado County due to budgetary constraints. However, I am happy to say they are using due diligence in managing and maintaining the Rubicon Trail with a Preferred Project List that is on-going, as well as the continuation of a very active Rubicon Oversight Committee (ROC). The great folks in the Eldorado County Dept. of Transportation (DOT) have jurisdiction over this public road and are taking good care of our trail (with us in support).

Some Historical Notes about the RTMP

On December 4, 2004, the Master Plan recommendations for the Rubicon trial were released by the consulting firm, Environmental Stewardship & Planning (ESP) at a public meeting in Placerville.  More here.


Some Historical Notes about the RTMP

250 pages of write up described the menu of options that ESP recommended to the County and other interested and invoved groups and individuals.

Several important things must be realized about this proposal. First, it is a list of hundreds of ideas based on input from a wide audience of users and interested parties. Not all of these ideas will be implemented. Secondly, there is a lot of work and legal steps to be done before anything can change on the Rubicon Trail. Thirdly, this set of recommendations must make its way through the Rubicon Oversight Committee and the Eldorado County Board of Supervisors before anything happens or get adopted.

Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) is leading the charge to unite the voices of the users for input into these recommendations.  Here is an outline of our plan:

1. All users should read the plan or at least the condensed version.

2. We've assigned Teams to analyze the plan; take it aparpt; figure out what we can't live with and what we can; and to come up with input we can agree to.

3.  Each Team has a Team Leader who it taking on an assigned chunk of the plan.  Each Team will visit chat rooms and Boards, listen to input from around the web and phone lines, and develop comments that represent the majority of the opinions on the big ticket items.

4.  Cal4wheel and United FWDA association are helping with the overall effort by chiming in with comments also. I will be commenting for BlueRibbon Coalition.  Don Klusman is doing Cal4's comments; John Stewart is doing United's comments and helping FOTR develop our comments.

5. We will post the condensed version for you to read (soon).

6. We will post the Team version also.

7.  We are not throwing out the whole plan.  We are going to embrace the things that make sense; but break out our can of whoop-butt on those things that just do not work for us, the trail users and owners of public lands.

Get on the FOTR email network to learn more and stay involved.

Read the pages of this web site.

Read the Rubicon Trail Talk forum on the bulletin board to see what other folks are saying.

Email me if you have any questions.

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