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The Rubicon Trail is a marvelous place with lots of wheeling and outdoor recreation possibilities. From buggies to truggies to somewhat fixed up stock Wranglers and everything in between, the Rubicon Trail is the place you must visit at least once.

You can fish, hunt, hike, rock crawl, explore, camp, photograph nature, or just go test your rig. The Rubicon Trail has it all.

 More here.

Here you will find shortcuts to the most asked questions. Please note, if you want to help us keep the Rubicon Trail alive and well, the things you can do are simple: Join everything you can afford to join and donate to the cause -- whatever makes sense to you. Thank you for visiting the official home page of the Rubicon Trail.
BUY something Rubicon or FOTR related
JOIN FOTR and learn more about us
DONATE or help the trail otherwise
WHY the Rubicon is such a big deal
CLOSURES: Spider Lake 2004, Court Order (lawsuit), 25 foot rule
WHO is FOTR and the ROC and the owners of the trail
PHOTOS and Articles about FOTR and the Rubicon
NEW STUFF; press releases about FOTR
NON-PROFIT Foundation for the Rubicon Trail (Donate)
TOILETS and Sanitation Issues -- what you can do.
TRAIL PATROL -- learn more and sign up
WORK DAYS and PROJECTS -- Sign Up; see the Plans
SITE HELP - NAVIGATION -- more help with this web site.

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Buy the new Rubicon Trail Sticker:

The new Rubicon Trail Sticker resembles our trail sign and is a great souvenier for anyone who has done the trail. By buying this sticker, you also support the efforts of the Friends of the Rubicon. FOTR is displayed in the middle of the sticker, while the famous Rubicon tire symbol is most prominent. Buy one now.

Buy our FOTR T-shirts and FOTR Stickers:

FOTR T-shirts and sticker/logos with the famous shovel are a must have for any FOTR supporter or member. Buy one even if you can't be on the trail much. Show your support of the Rubicon as a symbol of Access and buy some FOTR goodies.

Buy a toilet product and support FOTR at the same time:

We must practice Pack It In - Pack It Out on the Rubicon Trail, as well as many of our trails across the country.  It's time for all of us to set the example and have a portable toilet system of some sort in our remote camps. You can buy a toilet here, from cheap to expensive, while supporting FOTR at the same time. See the prices and options here.

Buy from a vendor or business that supports our Access:

Vendors who give to our raffles, join our associations and sponsor land use work DESERVE our business. That's how we can pay them back for helping us keep open our precious trails. Do NOT buy from those that are just out to make money and are not helping with access in some way. These folks are in the game and are a good start for your next buy. There are others. So be sure to ask your business or vendor WHAT they do to help ACCESS before you give them a nickle. See our supporting vendors.

Donate to FOTR:

If you can't provide sweat and labor, then do not hesitate to kick in a few bucks when you can spare it. Every cent goes to help the trail, one way or the other. Click here to see about donating.

Join the Rubicon Volunteer Trail Patrol:

The Rubicon Volunteer Trail Patrol has taken off in a huge way. Several outlaws have already been busted and more are in the works. Our law enforcement partners are supportive of our efforts and helping us to eliminate the idiots from our sport. Join the Trail Patrol.

Emergencies and Trail Communications

Join FOTR:

FOTR is about Access. FOTR is about saving the Rubicon Trail and providing the kind of management that will ensure its future as the crown jewel of motorized recreation. Join now.

We have FOTR Regions (Chapters) where you can get more involved locally. Click Here.

Sign up for FOTR Work Days and Projects:

If you live close enough, please sign up to help out with our work days and projects. FOTR is racking up thousands of volunteer hours on the trail. This helps us to get grant money to continue our work. It depends on you showing up when you can. Sign up.

Read Work Day Plans

Why the Rubicon is important to the world and Access in general:

It's not just about the Rubicon; it's about Access. What we do (or don't do) on the Rubicon Trail will affect every trail in the nation in one shape or another.

Read about Access here.

Spider Lake Closure 2004:

Human waste (sanitation) closed down Spider Lake to ALL access in July 2004, for four months. Too many people were not paying attention to where they camped and how they disposed of human waste. It became a human health issue. Read about it here. Also, note, that the Eldorado Lawsuit, still in effect as of June 2008, requires you to keep your vehicle within 25 feet of centerline of the trail. You can camp and hike any where you want; but you must leave your rig within ONE vehicle length of the trail (25 feet or less usually).

About FOTR:

FOTR is the largest volunteer informal coalition formed for one trail in the nation. Some say, FOTR is also the most successful ever coalition of trail users. Read more here.

Who is FOTR:

FOTR is an informal coalition of trail users, trail vendors, government, and private property owners interested in keeping the trail alive and well for generations to come. Del Albright is the Trail Boss of FOTR. Read more here.

FOTR and Rubicon Photo Galleries:

Many projects and work days are recorded and displayed on the web site. Be sure to pay a visit to see us in action. Click here to see PHOTOS

New Stuff affecting the Rubicon Trail:

This web site is continually updated with new and interesting stuff on the Rubicon Trail, as well as access in general.
New stuff on the Rubicon.

If you want the complete list of NEW STUFF 
in land use and access on Del's web site,
New Stuff in Land Use and Access in general

Rubicon Trail Foundation -- Non-Profit 501.c3

Due to the overwhelming interest in the long term future of the Rubicon Trail, we are forming a non-profit 501.c.3 private foundation. Visit the Rubicon Trail Foundation Web Site.

Toilets and Sanitation Issues:

Buy a portable toilet of some sort and carry it in your rig. Use it. Set the example for others to follow. Read about sanitation here.

Site help and navigation aids and short cuts for Rubicon Trail information.

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