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The El Dorado County Sheriff has jurisdiction over law enforcement issues on the Rubicon Trail (which is a public road). The same is true for the Placer County side with the Sheriff of Placer County having jurisdiction over what we know as the McKinney Road section.

The USDA Forest Service also patrols the Rubicon Trail, as well as Dept. of Fish and Game Wardens. The "feds" have jurisdiction over off-trail violations and resource damange on federal (surrounding) lands. More here.

With OHV grant money, FOTR and the Rubicon Oversight Committee (ROC) fully support law enforcement on the trail. We have bought the Eldo Sheriff 4 quads and have fixed up a trail ready Cherokee for Rubicon Patrol. Further, FOTR has a Volunteer Trail Patrol (since 2002) to assist law enforcement officials in the management and patrol of the Rubicon Trail. 

Trail Patrol Training Being Offered (here)

Trail Sanitation
and portable toilets. Carry one!

Support FOTR and the Rubicon at the same time. This sticker is for everyone who has done the Rubicon Trail. Each purchase provides a percentage to FOTR.

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