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Don Amador, BlueRibbon Coalition, and Bill Dart, Off Road Business Association (ORBA)

No Green Sticker or other permit needed for street legal vehicles

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Many folks take ATV's and dirt bikes, as well as mountain bikes through the Rubicon Trail. It's sure a faster trip than in a four wheel drive rig. :) If you want to chat with someone who does the Rubicon a lot in an ATV, then try ATVObsession. Ken and these guys know their stuff and can give you all the advice you could possibly need to take your own ATV thru the famous Rubicon Trail.

Go here to learn more about your ATV and the Rubicon Trail


You can rent an ATV from Lake Tahoe Adventures. You can take your dirt bike and run the whole trail. There's lots of options.

So the answer to this question is yes, this trail is designed for it all. Naturally, it depends on your skill level. The most common comment I've heard from dirt bikers after they get through the trail is, I'm glad it's over! It's a lot of rocks.

Do I Need a Green Sticker?

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