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Green Sticker and Red Sticker Program

No Green Sticker or other permit needed for street legal vehicles on the Rubicon Trail.

(NOTE: from Calif. State Parks web site)

All vehicles that are operated on public lands must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  More here.

The registration fee is $21 per vehicle, and is valid for a two-year period. The OHV fund is used for acquisition of new OHV areas, development and operation of existing OHV areas, enforcement of the rules and regulations, and protection of the natural resources.

DMV will issue a Green or Red Sticker for off-road vehicles. Vehicles that can be operated both on- and off-highway will be given a street-legal license.

OHV Registration Requirements

In order to operate any type of motorized vehicle off-road on public land, you must have one of the following:

Street-Legal License Plate: If you want to operate a 4-wheel drive vehicle or dual-purpose motorcycle on-road and off-road, you must have a street-legal license plate.

The Green Sticker Or Red Sticker: If you are going to operate a motorized vehicle off-road only, you must have either a Green Sticker or a Red Sticker that has been issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Green Sticker allows vehicles to operate on public land all year. The Red Sticker is for motorcycles and ATVs manufactured after January 1, 1997 that do not meet the emission standards established by the California Air Resources Board.

If the vehicle has a 3 or a C in the eighth position of the Vehicle Identification Number, then it does not meet the emission standards and should be issued a Red Sticker. The Red Sticker is exactly the same as the Green Sticker except that these vehicles can only be operated during certain times of the year.

To find out when you can operate your vehicle, call the specific riding area that you want to visit or you can look it up on our web site at

Closed Course Competition: Some race courses can be designated as a closed course. D.M.V. does require that you obtain a Transportation Permit to transport your vehicle to and from a race course.

Non-Resident Permit: As of January 1, 1998 you will need to purchase a special "Non-Resident OHV Permit" if you are not a California resident AND your off-highway vehicle or snowmobile is not registered in your home state. To find out where these Non-Resident OHV Permits can be purchased and to get more information on the program, please contact a local Ranger or contact the OHMVR Division at:

California State Parks OHMVR Division,

Non-Resident Permit Program

P.O. Box 942896 Sacramento, CA 94296-0001

916-324-4442; E-mail,

Possession of Alcohol: A new law makes it illegal to possess an open container of an alcoholic beverage while riding in or operating an off-highway vehicle. Vehicle Codes sections 23220, 23322, 23223, 23225, and 23226, have been amended to include public lands.

The intent of these laws is to make the possession of alcohol in a vehicle the same whether you are driving on a highway or off-road.

The new laws are designed to reduce alcohol-related accidents, but also allow vehicles such as 4-wheel drives and snowmobiles to transport such items in locked containers or even ice chests if they are secured in a manner that are not accessible to the occupants or the operator.

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