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TIME CARDS: fill out a time card for everything you do that is Rubicon Trail related. This is how we help the County and the USDA Forest Service get OHV grants for our trail. We provide matching labor (through our volunteerism). So please do fill them out for meetings, letter-writing, Master Plan response work, projects, clean ups, trash hauls, etc. Break out and include your travel time also. It all counts.

Get Downloads here.

FOTR Project Work (Time Card) Form in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

FOTR Project Work (Time Card) Form in WORD (.doc)

FOTR Brochure (2004 version) Page 1 (.pdf)

FOTR Brochure (2004 version) Page 2 (.pdf)

Rubicon Trail Vehicle Sticker (New). Buy it here and support FOTR.

FOTR Response to 2nd draft of Rubicon Trail Master Plan

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tips for getting Rubicon ready

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