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The Rubicon Trail is threatened with closure! We must do our part to ensure that no one has a reason to close our trail. But it is constantly under the microscope of governmental control agencies and environmental groups. It is also one of our crown jewels of recreation. We must use it right; or lose it. Here are some suggested guidelines for using the trail.  

Know Before You Go
tips for getting Rubicon ready

1. Stay on the trail. Never get off the trail. Do not camp some place where you have to make a new trail to get there. Make sure you know the current rules for camping (get on the FOTR email list or check with me if you're in doubt).

2. Be smart about your tires. Air down; drive slow; and don't spin your tires where you don't need to. Stay on the rocks.

3. Follow the established route. Do not create a new route or bypass.

4. Be courteous of other drivers. Don't hold up the line and upset those behind you when you don't need to or have an alternative (such as getting out of the way).

5. Pick up trash you see along the trail, and pack it out, please.

6. Talk to other riders/drivers about their bad habits if you see some.

7. Never drive into or through wet areas or meadows off the trail. Stay on the trail that avoids these sensitive spots.  Don't drive over vegetation. If you have to take a mud puddle that is part of the trail, take the most used line and go slow.

8. Keep the trail open. If your vehicle breaks down, try to limp it out of the way as soon as you can so as to not hold up those behind you. Every one is on a schedule these days. And no one likes to be held up. We all want to get as much fun in as we can in a short period of time. Be thoughtful. Carry a spill kit as well (fluids and oil recovery), free at the kiosk or from a member of the FOTR Trail Patrol.

9. Obey the law.

10. Don't drive over vegetation or make mud holes worse.

11. Help a wheeler in need.

12. Camp at least 100 feet from water sources (lakes, creeks, ponds).

13. Don't shoot in camps or along the trail. There are too many folks up there, and you never know where the granite will send you glancing bullet.

14. Drink responsibly.

15. Have fun; be safe; but be smart about our future. Thanks , Del

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Trail Sanitation
and portable toilets. Carry one!

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