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Camp at least 100' from water sources such as lakes and creeks

Camping ethics are becoming more and more important on the Rubicon. It's really a matter of common sense. Here are some suggested guidelines if you want to help keep this trail open to all of us. More here.

Know Before You Go
tips for getting Rubicon ready

1. Never camp right on top of your neighbor. Allow some room. Be polite in choosing your tent or trailer parking spot.

2. Do not go to the bathroom just any old where. Bring along a pack-it-out set up (See Sanitation for more ideas on this). Be courteous of your neighbor. With all the people using the trail, we can't allow toilet paper white flowers to become a natural part of our landscape. Pack out your trash too.

3. Do not get off the trail or make a new trail to set up camp. Camp where folks are supposed to camp.

4. Report unruly campers to law enforcement if after you've spoken with them they won't settle down. (See Law Enforcement for more on this).

5. Always Tread Lightly! Set the example for the kids watching you.

6. After packing up your camp, do one more walk around and pick up any trash -- even that of others less thoughtful. Be sure to get the cigarette butts also. They do not decompose.

7. Maintain legal and common sense distances from water sources such as lakes and creeks.

8. Turn off noisey devices and loud music after 10pm -- party softly after that. :) Most campgrounds and RV parks have quiet hours and noise regulations, but the Rubicon Trail requires an honor system.

9. Camp Fire Permits: are required. Please get one at any USFS or CDF office. Obey fire restrictions.

10. Camp at least 100 feet from water sources such as creeks, lakes and ponds.

11. Please take along a Spill Kit (fluids and oil recovery) - free at the kiosk or from FOTR volunteers/Trail Patrol folks. You can buy a nice one here and help support the overall cause at the same time.

NOTE: You can pretty much camp any where along the trail, or at the staging area on the Tahoe side, or at Loon Lake at the many camp sites. Do not camp in the middle of the trail -- and yes, it's easy to do, in the dark, especially for first timers on the trail. Camp fires are controlled by USFS Fire Restrictions and the requirement for a camp fire permit. Get one before you go. You can get them at any CDF or USFS office.

Everything could change with the implementation of the Rubicon Trail Master Plan. Read about it here.

Trail Sanitation
and portable toilets. Carry one!

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Human Waste and Sanitation

Fluid and Oil Spills?

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