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Coming from Loon Lake area: you can park below the spillway in a large gravel lot if you get there in time to grab a spot. Some folks park along the dam/spillway road on busy weekends. Please leave room for fire engines and ambulances to get through!

Coming from Tahoe: you can park at the Staging Area (Homewood), where the trail begins, in a dirt, fairly large pull-out/parking area. Follow the signs to the Rubicon Trail OHV Access Route off the main higway that runs along the west side of Lake Tahoe in the Homewood area.  

You have to wind your way through the Homewood subdivision; just follow the signs. The Staging Area is at the end of the pavement and is a large graveled parking area right at the start of the trail. The name of the road is actually McKinney Road. More here.

NOTE: During the Rubicon Trail Master Plan process, we have been trying very diligently to get the USFS and the County to facilitate more parking opportunities around Loon Lake. More and more of us have trailers to leave. More and more of us are using this entrance.  It is time for some increase in organized parking places. Let your voice be heard on this issue. Include parking opportunity in your letters to the County and the USDA Forest Service.

NOTE: you must park your rig within one vehicle length of the road according to USFS rules. That means you don't take your rig too far off the trail or road EVEN when you are setting up camp.

Read more directions on how to get to the Staging Areas on either end of the trail.

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