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Finding a Rubicon Trail guide for a trail ride is always a challenge. Finding a good one is even harder. For the Rubicon Trail, I provide a few here that I know will take care of you. The Jamborees are top knotch and bit spendy, but generally well worth it.

You will have a marvelous adventure on the rubicon trail with these folks. If you want to rent and drive a rig, or have a more personalized trip, there are options for that also. See here.

Know Before You Go
tips for getting Rubicon ready

1. Rubicon Trail Tours with Sean Russell.

2. Jeep Jamboree, USA for jeep owners.

3. Jeepers Jamboree for 4WD owners.

4. Pirate4x4.Com, Bulletin Board, Rubicon Trail Talk forum and ask for a guide to go along on your trip.

Trail Sanitation
and portable toilets. Carry one!

Support FOTR and the Rubicon at the same time. This sticker is for everyone who has done the Rubicon Trail. Each purchase provides a percentage to FOTR.

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