Friends of the Rubicon
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 We are the central point of contact, the clearing house, for all Rubicon Trail related issues. 

We are the work force of volunteers who join together, under the FOTR umbrella, to keep the Rubicon Trail alive and well.

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CHARTER: Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) is an informal coalition of groups and individuals dedicated to keeping the Rubicon Trail open and available to all recreationists.

We are working with Placer County, El Dorado County, the USFS, private businesses, many organized recreation groups, and other land management agencies to ensure our famed Rubicon Trail remains as one of our crown jewels of motorized and mechanized recreation.

JOIN: The FOTR list is run by Del Albright, Jacquelyne Theisen, and Scott Johnston.

Joining FOTR is a two step process. In order to have a private list, we need some information about you. FOTR is for four-wheel drive and OHV recreationists only. Both steps must be done to get on to the FOTR mailing list.


Fill out or JOIN form

STEP TWO: We'll get back to you if we have any questions, otherwise, we'll get you signed up. THANK you for volunteering.

If you want to donate to our efforts, visit the Rubicon Trail Foundation, non-profit, public benefit corporation.
PURPOSE & DUES: We are not an organization that collects dues or has bylaws, etc.

We are all partners working towards the same goal: to keep the Rubicon open and useable, while mitigating the erosion and water runoff problems from portions of the road.

We are also about responsible use of the trail. We don't advocate building new bypasses or using shortcuts around the established trail and existing bypasses. We advocate obeying the rules and the law, as well as trail ethics.

We now sit at the table as an official permanent member of the Rubicon Oversight Committee (ROC) that will guide the future of the Rubicon Trail a long with the Rubicon Trail Master Plan.

More about our organization and leadership here.

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