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Get Involved!

To help save trails and our sport, here are things you can do:

JOIN every group you can afford to join.

ADVOCATE for your sport and talk it up.

INCLUDE others, like politicians and friends in what you love to do.

LETTERS -- write to your elected officials, tell them how you feel and what you want for our recreation. Be a voice.

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Know Before You Go
tips for getting Rubicon ready

Or just type your key search word in the Google box above and let it find your answer here on this site.

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Rubicon Trail questions are answered here -- hopefully. But if you don't find what you're looking for when it comes to Rubicon Trail issues, please feel free to email me and ask. If I don't know the answer, I do know who to ask to help you.  More here.


So enjoy your visit to the Official Home Page of for the Rubicon Trail and Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR); but don't leave until you find what you're looking for...

To help Del even more with the Access fights:

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1. When is the best time to run the Rubicon Trail?

2. Who do I contact if I want to get a ride or rent a jeep or just have someone guide me through the trail?

3. Where can I see a map of the trail or buy a book/map of the trail?

4. What clubs and groups have adopted the trail and maintain it?

5. Who owns the Rubicon Trail?

6. Who has jurisdiction over the trail?

7. Where can I read a history of the trail?

8. How does BlueRibbon or CA4WDC or other organized groups fit into the use of the trail?

9. Who are the Friends of the Rubicon?

10. Where on the Internet is the BEST PLACE to find out everything about the trail?

11. Where do I sign up to help with the trail?

12. How can I get on the email list to know what's up with the trail?

13. Who serves as the central point of contact or clearing house for Rubicon issues and happenings?

14. Closures: Are there any trail closures planned in the near future?

15. Dirt Bike/ATV: What if I want to dirt bike or ATV the trail?

16. Sanitation and toilets: What about trail sanitation, toilets, and the like?

17. Camping: Where can I camp?

18. Cops: Will I see law enforcement folks on the trail?

19. Green or Red Stickers: Do I need a Green Sticker for my rock buggy?

20. Rubicon Springs: What about renting Rubicon Springs camp area?

21. FOTR Meetings, Chapters and Regions?

21. HELP - More Help: I didn't find my question here and I want to email Del.


Spider Lake Issues, Closures and Map (including private property)

Emergencies on the trail

Communications (HAMM, CB) on the Rubicon Trail

Latest Rubicon Trail Newsletter

General info

How do I get involved in helping keep the trail open?

Where do I get more info?

About Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR)?

Buy a Rubicon Trail vehicle Sticker/Decal?

Buy a FOTR T shirt?

Join the Rubicon Volunteer TRAIL PATROL?

Sign me up for Friends of the Rubicon.

How do I donate to the cause?

Trail sanitation (toilet) issues.

Trail signs and surveying of the trail.

Camping and Renting Rubicon Springs

Tread Lightly ethics

Motorized outlaws and the bad guys.

Law enforcement recent examples and lessons to heed.

What do I do about trail abusers and motorized outlaws?

Do I need a Green Sticker?

Oil Spills and Fluid Leakage Collection Ideas

Rubicon Guide Book and Map



Rubicon Springs Private Property

Clean ups

FOTR Email Network

Driving Directions to Rubicon Trail Heads

Parking Trailers

Becoming a Trail Leader/Boss (Recreational Leadership Training Course)

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