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The first thing we must get done is a thorough trail survey (before we can sign the trail). But signing is essential to the preservation of our trail. Folks need to know exactly where the trail is, so they can stay on it. That's the plan.

During the summer of 2002 we started the trail survey through a grant from the OHV Trust Fund (which includes the Green Sticker funds). Professional surveyors are doing the work. The El Dorado County and USFS folks are right there to supervise the survey. More here.

Once the survey is done, we'll begin the work on getting the signs in place (and what kind of signs). That's where you will come in. We'll be discussing various options for signs, kiosks, etc.  Your help will be needed. Get on the FOTR email list to be a part of this; or visit the Pirates 4x4 web site bulletin board (Rubicon Trail Talk) to join in on the discussions.

thanks, Del

Get on the FOTR emailing network if you really want to be part of the plan and work projects on the Rubicon Trail.

Be sure to visit the Pirates of the Rubicon BBS for a place to talk about ideas for trail signing.  (Bulletin Board)

Support FOTR and the Rubicon at the same time. This sticker is for everyone who has done the Rubicon Trail. Each purchase provides a percentage to FOTR.

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