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Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR)
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FOTR Photo Galleries
By Del Albright, Trail Boss, FOTR

Del Albright, outdoor writer and photographer for over 20 years, captures the images of the Friends of the Rubicon repairing the Rubicon Trail.  More here.

Del Albright's photography encompasses a wide range of subjects including these images of one of the greatest trail repair jobs ever undertaken. FOTR had over 100 volunteers show up for one weekend of back breaking, but very rewarding work during 2001. (Photography is copyrighted. All rights reserved. Photos are available for use by permission only.)

Please select from the photo gallery/project options below:

2001 Gallery 1

2001 Gallery 2 (from 2001)

2003 Work Weekend, Little Sluice Bypass

2003 Gallery

2003 VIP Tour (June 2003)

2003 Survey (June 12, 2003)

2003 ROC Tour (August 2003)

2003 VIP Tour (September 2003)

2003 Kiosk Workday (and Plan)

2003 Annual Rubicon (POR) Cleanup September 2003

2003 Gatekeeper Repairs (August 2003)

2003 Little Sluice Bypass Workday (August 2003)

2004 Kiosk Rigging and Moving Attempt - by helicopter ( June 2004)

2004 Kiosk Move by Wrecker (June 2004)

2004 Wentworth Springs Road Erosion Mitigation (July 2004)

2004 Spider Lake Emergency Cleanup (August 2004)

2004 Law Enforcement Tour of the Rubicon Trail (2004)

2004 Miller Creek/Swamp Project and Del playing honkey tonk piano at the Springs (August 2004)

2004 Kiosk Rebuild and Repairs Project (August)

2005 Wentworth Road Explained (Many Roads of the Rubicon)

2006 Gatekeeper Work, June

2006 Wrap Up of Work on the Rubicon Trail

2006 August Work Weekend

2006 VLLS #2 -- More Rubicon Trail Leaders

2007 June, Work Day

2007 July, Work Weekend

2007 August, Work Weekend and BFGoodrich Tires, Outstanding Trail award for the Rubicon

2007 September, Work Weekend

2007 VLLS #3 -- More OHV Leaders Trained

2009, June Workday, Ellis Creek and Walker Hill Area


Use of any photos is by permission only -- which is freely given to editors and webmasters who write me first and are advocates of motorized recreational access.

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