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Rubicon Trail Patrol Training - May 4th and May 11th

(Special Note from Scott Emmons, Trail Patrol Captain)

As we get ready to start the 2007 wheeling season, we are looking for people to come help us with the Rubicon Trail Patrol. Whether you are interested in helping on the trail, or staffing the Loon Lake Kiosk, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Both Friday, May 4th and Friday, May 11th we'll have Trail Patrol and kiosk training at 6pm at:

Round Table Pizza (Downtown Placerville)
512 Main Street
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 622-2259

Read more here.

We are actively looking for new members for Patrol - both on the trail or at the kiosk. Please make the commitment to help us out. The sign-up form is at

We need all the bodies we can get to help keep this program alive, functional, and productive. We have the direct support of both the Forest Service and El Dorado County Sheriff's Department.

In this informal class we'll talk about the goals and mission of Trail Patrol, learn valuable tips from USFS and Sheriff, as well as meet some of these Law Enforcement folks that you will run into on the trail.

Additionally, you'll learn what sort of information is required to help in the case of a problem, as well as how to stay safe. You'll also meet other members and interested folks.

As always, our primary goal is educational. In talking to literally hundreds of folks out on the trail over the past couple of years, a surprising number are not aware of the pressures and issues on the trail, and are not involved.

I'm really looking forward to getting as many people to these sessions as possible, and really show the USFS and Sheriff that we, as responsible wheelers, can make a difference.

How you apply Trail Patrol is largely up to you, and every little bit helps. Helping at the kiosk is a great way to spend a day, meeting people and making a difference. On the trail, you can help in a variety of ways, whether you work as the eyes and ears, or actively talk to individual people. Everything helps! We've even got some 'stealth' members who don't want to advertise their involvement with Trail Patrol, yet are out there being active members and helping do their part to keep the trail open.

You don't have to have a trail rig to help out. You can help out at the kiosk with a 2WD vehicle. On the trail, you can be on foot, a quad, a wheeler, or whatever!

Please sign up at for one of the classes.


-Scott Emmons

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