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"I am really convinced that our future lies in not leaving our past behind." (Del Albright, 2002)

I like it! I want to buy one now and support FOTR!

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For me, the backpack fit great in my Jeep trailer, and it carried all the ingredients. It's so simple to set up and use too.
The privacy tent is absolutely the easiest (and quickest) tent I've ever popped up!

Get one now for you and/or your club!!!

It's so simple to use and it works. I tested this system thoroughly and I'm going to have it with me from now on. It packs tight and small.  You don't have to worry about smell. It's landfill disposable safe. It IS all that it's cracked up to be.

I put my reputation on the fact that you won't be disappointed. More importantly, you'll be helping to keep our trails open by not contributing to a hugely growing problem of waste disposal. The feds spend hundreds of thousands of our tax payer dollars ON ONE FOREST just dealing with human waste every year.

Portable Toilet Required! Sign found in Castle Valley, Utah, outisde Moab.

We can help curtail some of that and do more for our environment. Not only that, the trail will be a lot prettier without all those little phony white flowers along the way.

I've learned a few tricks in using the system that will make it even MORE effective for you:

  • 1. Use the lid as a base for the rear legs if you're in snow or soft ground. This keeps the toilet legs from sinking in the ground.
  • 2. For multiple uses (and yes, you can get multiple use of one bag), seal the inner bag (green) in the disposal bag (black) in between uses to maintain a more sanitary situation. Also, to ensure the enzymes can work properly, do not place a paper barrier between uses -- put your paperwork in the white Pett package or ziplock and place in black bag when ready for disposal. In other words, leave the enzymes direct access to what it is they like to act on.
  • 3. Keep the tent closed. You'll have less bugs and flies.
  • 4.  It won't hurt your pet if he/she happens to get mixed up on where his food dish is located. These enzymes won't hurt your critter (or your kids).
  • Once the enzymes do their thing, the mess is considered a non bio-hazard and is dumpster and landfill safe.

You can order The Pett right here right now! Rocky Trail Outfitters will donate to Friends of the Rubicon for every Pett sold! $25.00 for every system.
Check them out

Roundeyes.Com for sanitation needs and unique off road products See the many trail sanitation options here...
Get cheap trail sanitation options at

Trail Sanitation
and portable toilets. Carry one!

Another use for ThePett tent -- emergency shelter during a serious trail injury. Wanda Hofstetter is shaded by a Pett tent after a serious life-threatening accident on the trail. We saved Wanda and she is doign fine today. Visit here for more on this episode.

Also, be sure to visit the Pirates of the Rubicon Bulletin Board to chat about ideas for trail sanitation.

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