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FOTR Annual Meeting
Saturday, February 24, 2007, 10am to 3pm.

Please RSVP

Our annual FOTR meeting for 2007 will be Saturday, Feb. 24th at the office of Cal4wheel, Sacramento. 10am to 3pm.

There are many important and wonderful things going on with our trail. If you can at all make it, please be there to help us plan the future. As you know, FOTR is run by us... we are it. We do the will of the majority whenever we can (meaning when ever we can influence the governing agencies). We need your help to be able to do that. Your opinion counts in FOTR. More here.

Our annual meetings are always productive and fun. We don't have a lot of bureaucracy, but we do conduct to-the-point participative and faciliated meetings. Lunch will be served too! PJ Leslie's wife, Pam, is making us a big batch of chile verde. This should be awesome. So come on down. PLEASE rsvp if you can make it so we have a head count.

ps. this will be my (Del's) 7th summer as your Trail Boss if you choose to re-elect this old timer. However, if someone is ready to step up and take over, please just let us know of your interest. :)

Email me if you have questions. Hope to see you there, Del


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