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Rubicon Trail FOTR and Jeepers Jamboree Work Weekend

July 19-20, 2008, Cadillac Hill

Friends of the Rubicon and Jeepers Jamboree Rock Rollers combined forces to continue our efforts to maintain the Rubicon Trail and keep it alive and well for all to use. On this historic work weekend, FOTR folks and rock rollers developed a joint plan and attacked some trail repairs with gusto!

Cadillac Hill had a couple spots that have been bugging us for a few years and this weekend, we fixed them! We had three teams -- Team Spring (lead by Kevin Arnold) up top; Team Roots (lead by Rusty Folena), down below Hairpin Turn; and Team Rocks (lead by Jeff Hill) at the base of Cadillac.

Team Spring fixed the natural spring up towards the top of Cadillac that kept running down our trail and creating erosion problems. Team Roots fixed the bad exposed root section of the trail down below Hairpin. And Team Rocks loaded trails and trucks all day with good rocks for making trail repairs. We got 'r done in one day.

Then we had a great barrel-smoked tri-tip dinner at Rubicon Springs, cooked by the famous Cook Crew of Jeepers Jamboree. Dinner was sponsored by one of my premier sponsors, Olympic4x4 Products, and the Rubicon Trail Foundation. THANK YOU for a great dinner.

NOTE: this work weekend was featured in the October 2008 ATV Action Magazine (, with a great writeup and pics about our hard work and unified efforts.

And thanks to the BlueRibbon Coalition for giving me the ability (and time) to serve as your Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon.

See pics and slide show here

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