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Rubicon Trail September 26, 2009


Sep. 26 is National Public Lands Day and Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) will be on the Rubicon Trail doing maintenance and cleanup work. We'll be working on the boundary signs, installing some erosion-preventing hay bales, staffing wag bag stations and painting the back of the WWS Kiosk. Some water bars may need some work as well with hand tools and wheelbarrows/trailers.

Additionally, this NPLD (September) work is going to be a focus on continued oil abatement, in the Granite Bowl and behind the Kiosk on the Slabs and on the rocks on the trail from Loon Lake to the top of the bowl.

Some water bar locations on the Ellis Creek Intertie and the WWS trail to Ellis we'll repair and install those as well.

Plans are underway with the Rubicon Oversight Committee and El Dorado County Department of Transportation to finalize the plans for this work day. In the meantime, please signup if you think you can help.

Draft Plan Notes

Oil Abatement on Granite Bowl, Loon Lake Slabs - 20-40 team members; Continued use of GOOR's Safe2Kleen de-greaser on the existing oil stains along the trail. There are also spills off trail that will be cleaned.  Garden sprayers mixed with the appropriate dilution for the application of Safe2Kleen de-greaser, scrub brushes and gas powered power washer to rinse after the area has been blotted following the application and scrubbing of the cleaning solution.

Installation of new Water Bars - 20 people - 4 trailers
    - Locations identified by DOT's CGS data from Wentworth Springs area above Post Pile and Post Pile bypass to Ellis Creek Intertie       
   - Locations identified by DOT's CGS data from Loon Lake Kiosk to the Granite Bowl

Camping at Southfork Group Campground; Chow by the Rubicon Rockheads. RV and tent parking/camping available. Nice place for a chow gathering too.

Email Incident Commander, Jacquelyne Theisen if you can make it.

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