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"Capturing the spirit of this country and its people."

Del Albright's Writing, Articles and Columns

As an Outdoor writer and photographer, as well as back country adventurer, I've seen my share of life experiences to write about. I've been a teacher of one sort or another, off and on, for the last couple decades also. So I hope you find something of interest. Enjoy.

Besides the articles/writing in my Home Pages (see More Writings or visit: Land Use), you can find more on these sites:

Fairly complete article list on this site. (scroll down and click on Environmental Affairs) -- nearly 30 articles posted here by Ray DeLong, Webmaster.

Mike, the Lab, my pal.
Click here for Del's Photography (just do a search for me) (scroll down main page) (Off Road.Com) (scroll down to land use) (Ft. Worth/Dallas 4WDC) (Pacific NorthWest 4WDA) (scroll down to EA)

or just do an Internet search with your browser for "Del Albright"

More Articles of Interest:

Seven Otter Day; (a story about trapping during the Great Depression)

Bear Stories by Del (real Alaskan Brown Bear encounters)

Take Stock of Time (a bit of life philosophy)

Managing Your Monkeys (time management tips)

Avoiding Burnout

Never Underestimate Your Opponents

Live Young: Think Old (a lifestyle exercise to help you make a future you want).

Strategic Planning (thinking ahead, planning ahead, and getting ahead)

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