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Empowering Leadership™, the new article series for leadership development, by Del Albright -- helping to lead volunteers to victory!

Strategic Planning is a structured and organized approach (model) to implementing long range planning. Goals and objectives are turned into action items that make things happen. Through a facilitated process and a simple model format, your wishes become reality in your organization. Change is managed; directions are set; improvement happens.

Strategic Planning comes in many forms. The trick is to develop and implement a direction for your organization that puts you in place for the future -- no matter what it brings (D. Albright, 2001).

I have developed a structured model that makes a Strategic Plan happen for you, depending on the group size, in a couple weekends (or less depending on your situation). In the 20 years I've been doing this, I've proven the model over and over again. It works. It can work for you. I can give you several references. Email me for more info.

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