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4x4  Top SitesThe Wildlands Project is a massive effort by the anti-access groups to implement more wildlands and wilderness areas throughout the nation, and generally severely restrict access to public lands. Over 400 new Wilderness areas are proposed in California alone. This link will take you to the Sierra Club page on The Wildlands Project. This link will take you to the home page of the The Wildlands Project.

Here's another good link on what the Wildlands Project is all about.

Many of these proposed wilderness areas extend down into the lower urbanized areas of California, for example. Right down and along the edge of subdivisions and development. The stated purpose of these corridors of Wilderness is for wildlife travel (habitat, corridors, etc.)

I'm sorry, but in our CA example, it's ludicrous to think that folks are just going to pick up roots and move so wildlife can have a supposedly needed travel corridor. Yes, some wildlife habitat areas should be developed and should be set aside from development. But this should be based on input from residents and particularly the state department of fish and game -- not some anti-access, special interest group.

Common sense needs to prevail. New land use designations need to be thought about (such as the Back Country designation from BlueRibbon).

I believe, as does the BlueRibbon Coalition, that we have enough Wilderness areas. However if a new area should fit the standards and conditions of the 1964 Wilderness Act, then by all means let's take a look at it for a new Wilderness designation. However, the truth is, there's not that many places left that meet the definition of Wilderness from the 1964 legislation. FOR SURE, most, if not all the areas proposed in by the The Wildlands Project, do NOT meet the intent of the 1964 Act, and they should NOT be considered for Wilderness.

One of the best resources for multiple use enthusiasts today is John Stewart, Land Use Coordinator for the United Four Wheel Drive Associations.  John has made a study of the entire Wildlands Project. Email John for more info.

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