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NEPA Flow Chart
This chart is still under consideration for some changes concerning public input, especially with the EA process. Email me if you have questions in the meantime.

NEPA Appeals process and explanation here

Here is a good NEPA reference: The Citizens Guide to NEPA (in .pdf)

Note: once a Record of Decision (ROD) is made, and the Appeal process has ended, the only recourse is legal action (court). So public input during Scoping and the Public Review and Comment period (red boxes above) is critical. Most of the time, any legal action taken is based on public input during Scoping and Public Review. It needs to tie together as much as possible. Contact your State Association and/or the BlueRibbon Coalition any time you have questions or need help with the NEPA process in your area.

Here is another excellent description of the NEPA process and flow chart

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