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Don Amador's Predictions for 2008

for fun...

*This annual recreation oriented top-ten predictions for 08 is published just for fun and I hope it brings a few laughs.
--- Don Amador, Recreation Consultant

Don Amador in riding attire


10- French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, will discover the sport of snowmobiling while visiting Yellowstone National Park.  Sarkozy will become a strong advocate for responsible snowmobile use at appropriate government parks in the USA and France.

9 – Billionaire Conrad Hilton’s estate directs a significant portion of his 2.3 billion dollar fortune to recreation-oriented non-profit groups including Tread Lightly!, and the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council.  Paris Hilton becomes a spokesperson for a major off-road aftermarket manufacturer.

8 – Fitness advocate Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will direct the California Department of Parks and Recreation to build, and encourage the use of, more mountain-bike and off-road vehicle trails to help address the growing obesity rate in members of Generation Y (ages 18-30).

7 – Because of large crowds at recent off-road events in Russia, the state-government directs the Interior Ministry to develop a cabinet level OHV recreation post and to build 15 off-road facilities throughout the country.   The state also awards a $700 million dollar grant to the Russian-based Ural Motorcycle Company to develop a line of competitive dirt-bikes and ATVs.

6 -  Jenna Bush utilizes her love of the outdoors and passion for teaching when she helps develop a trail-users educational outreach program for the USDA Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management.  Jenna daylights the program to President George Bush during her wedding ceremony at the White House.

5 – Supercross legend, Ricky Carmichael, and fellow dirt-biker/cycling hero, Lance Armstrong, team up and place 2nd in the Baja 1000 on a gas/electric hybrid motorcycle.

4 – Presidential hopeful Barack Obama tours a motorcycle manufacturing plant and decides to insert a pro-motorcycle plank into his platform. Tenets include free healthcare for street and off-road motorcyclists, repeal of helmet laws for insured riders under the age of 21, and support for increased trail-based recreation funding in future Interior Appropriation Bills.

3 – Several leading environmental attorneys have a change of heart and leave a major West Coast law firm to champion responsible off-road recreation on public and private lands in federal and state courts.

2 – Successful captive breeding program for the Desert Tortoise results in the reopening of over 400,000 acres in Imperial County to OHV recreation.

1 - Nobel Prize winner, Al Gore, listens to a growing body of scientists who challenge his global warming agenda and has an epiphany.  Gore now becomes the leading spokesman for the new global cooling movement which encourages the use of fossil fuels for cars, trucks, and RVs and the reinstatement of methane producing feed for cattle and hogs.

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Don Amador writes from his office in Oakley, California on environmental and recreation issues. He may be contacted by email at: damador@cwo.com

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