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Congress Passes Recreational Trails Program Bill
(Officially known as the highway authorization bill)

Recreational Trails Program

Miracles do happen in Washington, even in July!  After months of writing about it, we are pleased to report to you that the Congress has finally passed the highway authorization bill. This means the Recreational Trails Program has been reauthorized for five more years with an increase of funding, total authorized funding of $370,000,000.

This is a major accomplishment!  Many recreation groups have worked very hard to shepherd this program through a very lengthy reauthorization process.  The BlueRibbon Coalition has been instrumental in this entire program, from its inception. BRC takes pride in helping America keep its trail system alive and well.

The fact that RTP was not only reauthorized but also received a significant increase in authorized funding is very good news.  BRC, ARRA and other organizational members have consistently been in touch with their Senators and Representatives urging support for RTP, and this hard work has finally paid off.  Congratulations to all who have supported this important program.

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