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JeepCamping.com Donates WINCH to RLTC Course

Enroll and finish the RLTC course and get your chance at a TMax 9000lb Wireless Winch from the great folks at JeepCamping.com.

TMax Wireless 9000 lb Winch

JeepCamping.com is really stepping up to the plate to help us keep our trails and lands open for outdoor recreation and motorsports. JeepCamping.com is owned and operated by real four-wheelers and outdoorsmen. They understand the importance of having more leaders in recreation, helping others to save trails and keep our lands open to us.

Based out of Placerville, CA, JeepCamping.com is both an online store and a retail outlet. It's the place to stop by for a visit on your way to the Rubicon Trail or many other Sierra Nevada destinations. Check them out today.

And THANK YOU, JeepCamping.com for being on the team to develop more leaders to lead other volunteers to victory! Visit JeepCamping.com and show them your appreciation.

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