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Frank Funk Wins Winch


Recreational Leadership Training Course (RLTC) Graduate, Frank Funk Wins WARN Winch for Taking Course.

Lucky graduate Frank Funk won the WARN Winch for RLTC 2010. Selected from the successful course graduates, Frank joins the team of winners from previous RLTC course years, Shannon Chard, Matt Farly and Kurt Schnieder.

Frank Funk and Del with WARN Winch
Frank holding his RLTC Certificate of Completion with Del holding up the WARN Winch.

RLTC is an online, work at your own pace, leadership and management course to help you become a better volunteer (and leader). With over 200 pages of material, info, articles, advice and training, RLTC is a one-of-a-kind course not offered any where else. It includes tips and tricks to help you improve your club, bring more volunteers into your cause, give you some public speaking and letter writing tips, and get the straight scoop on saving trails and keeping our outdoor sports alive.

Frank is a long-time activist and member of the California Association of 4Wheel Drive Clubs, as well as the Sacramento Hi-Landers 4x4 club, among other pursuits. "I can't believe it," said Frank. "I never win anything!"

Frank the happy graduate
Frank is a happy graduate with his WARN M8000 reward.

But Frank did win. And you can too. Check out the Recreational Leadership Training Course to see how it can help you. Visit

Congrats, Frank. Job well done. Del

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