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Premier Power Welder Saves the Day (again).

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While on the Winter Fun Festival Run (Jan. 11-13, 2008, Grass Valley, Ca) with the California Association of 4Wheel Drive Clubs, my Premier Power Welder saved the day -- again, for my friend Chad Grande. Chad is a welder (amoung other things) and this is what he had to say about the welder.

(Email from Chad sent to Premier Power Welder owner, Pat Gremillion):


Thanks so much for outfitting Del with one of your welders, it saved my hide.

 We were on the Winter Fun Fest and I spit a u-joint cap off of my front drive shaft while doing a full throttle assault on a snow drift.  The retaining tab on the yoke parted ways with the yoke but I used Del’s welder to weld the u-bolt to the cap and the yoke to the cap, I was able to finish the day with this repair.

I have quite a bit of welding experience, MIG, TIG and stick and many years ago used an on board welder while on the Rubicon Trail but was not impressed with it as the jeeps engine was screaming at about 3000rpm and the current flow was totally erratic which made welding very difficult and the weld quality poor. This was not the case with Del’s welder, the jeeps engine was just above idle, it was easy to strike an arc, the power was excellent and produced a quality weld.

I am sold on the Premier Power Welder and will be installing one on my jeep in the future.

Chad Grande...

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