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Servicing your trailer is essential to trailer survival. Towing a heavy rig, even a light rig, means wear and tear to your bearings and brakes on a trailer. D2 Trailer Sales in Galt, CA, is my service support for our trailers. They do an awesome job and are reliable. That is important to me.

According to Don Bryant, owner of D2 Trailer Sales, light duty use of trailers requires a service once a year. Medium to heavy duty (like me) means maybe twice a year for service -- once in the Spring and once in the late Fall ideally. I was glad I scheduled this service. The grease was nearly gone -- its viscosity was shot. And this happened inspite of me keeping the buddy-bearings greased up properly. So lesson learned -- GET SERVICED annually, no matter what.

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Not only should the bearings be checked and re-greased carefully, but also the brakes and shoes should get a serious once over. Expansion of shoes against the drum, magnets, shoes, and the spindle all need a trained eye examination.

Chance Bryant, the Service Manager, took great care of me and I was in and out in no time. Again, D2 Trailer Sales is reliable, they know what they're doing, and to top if off, they're nice people.

Contact web site info for D2 Trailer Sales:

Trailer Service -- D2 Trailer Sales -- Brakes and Bearings

Click to enlarge D2 lot

D2 Trailer Sales lot and inventory of a variety of trailers.

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Servicing my rig-hauling trailer is essential every year.

Click to enlarge maintenance shop

The shop area at D2 Trailer Sales.

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Technicians at work inside the well-equiped shop.

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Getting the wheels off and inspecting the brakes and bearings is the first step.

Click to enlarge cleaning the bearings

Checking the bearings for wear and tear.

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Cleaning parts as you go is the motto at D2 Trailer Sales.

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Checking the drum for scoring and wear that would indicate further maintenance -- not in this case, thank goodness.

Click to see Colin at work

Colin Berlet, technician, pulls off the tire with drum attached, making quick work of this job.


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