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Olympic4x4 Products Unveil New JK Dave's Rack

The Side-to-side Generation

At the Pomona Off-Road Expo in October 2008, David and Eric Lichtbach of Olympic4x4 Products unveiled the prototype of their new JK Jeep Wrangler Dave's Rack, with side departure and free-standing shade possibilities.

Instead of deploying to the rear of the Jeep like the old TJ Dave's Rack, this new JK rack goes to either side of the Jeep. Talk about sweet!

See pics of the Olympic4x4 Products Dave's Rack for the JKSee pics here

I have a Dave's Rack on my TJ and love it; but if I had a new JK, this baby is the way to go.

This baby has some engnineering worth your investigation. As always, it's nice to deal with a company that is 60 years old of made in America products. Visit Olympic4x4 Products here.

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