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Surviving On the Trail
Getting through and making the best of it

By Stacie & Del Albright

Stacie tells the story of a tow strap time to this day.  “When I heard the tell-tale sound of the axle snapping as we came down hard on the passenger side into a four foot crevice, I muttered a few words to myself.  The summer sun had been sinking lower in the fading blue sky for some time and with our buddy dangling from a tow strap behind us I knew we were in trouble.   We were going to be there for awhile."

Four-wheeling is a lot of fun and hanging out with family and friends on the trail is hard to beat but sometimes you just can’t tell what you will face during one of your treks into the back country.  Being prepared and surviving on the trail during an unexpected stay can either be the worst case ever or it can be at best bearable.  Being well prepared is the key to making these unfortunate situations livable.

Of course having your tools, Hi-Lift Jack, and miscellaneous other provisions that most of us carry is essential; but  we also like to throw in the Ready Freddy.  The Ready Freddy is an all in one back pack style unit that has just about everything you can think of for an emergency situation.  

After reviewing the contents, Stacie added a few things to personalize ours including the addition of camp money (toilet paper), a couple of canned goods with a manual can opener, a wash cloth and camping tooth brushes, and a few other personal odds and ends to meet our preferences.  But overall, the Ready Freddy is well organized and marked for easy identification and use.

Having everything in one back pack that would keep us comfortable (and alive) for several days, is extremely important to us.  This is one great way to do just that.  Check out Ready Freddy here:

We also like to include in our four-wheeler one of The Hydra” systems from RompaliciousThe Hydra is a perfect alternative to all those pesky water bottles that flop all over the place and out onto the trail without notice.  The Hydra holds two and a half gallons of fresh water and straps easily to the back of the seat or on a roll bar so it takes up a lot less room than all those plastic bottles which makes it easier to store more important things like tools and extra parts.  

Also, there are few places we go without at least one warm blanket and two to three extra jackets including something that is waterproof and yes, even during the summer months as things can change without much warning.   This applies to our everyday drivers as well. 
So remember, being prepared and even over prepared is the way to go as you never know when you and your wheelin buddy may get caught out there for an unexpected overnighter. 


For more information on these products, go to  

Being prepared is the key to survival in the wild when things go wrong; and there is always that possibility.  More than likely, if you’re prepared, they won’t go wrong.  So try a Ready Freddy and the Hydra from Rompalicious.  We never leave home without them.

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