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I had a chance to review several FunTreks books, the ATV Trails Guide series, and I'm here to tell you these are handy references worth having. Chuck Wells has done a great job with these ATV specific trail books.

These are full color, with dozens of trails thoroughly listed and described, and matched up with complete GPS waypoints. You can't go wrong, plus they're in the convenient "rig" size (5.5 x 8.5 inches).

One I particularly enjoyed reading through was the ATV Trails Guide Colorado -- Central Mountains (By Charles A. Wells). Because for the last two years I've been able to visit CO with the famous All 4 Fun event of the Mile Hi Jeep Club, I was familiar with some of this country noted in the book. FunTreks did this right.

I've done Tincup Pass as noted in his book, so I scrutinized his write up. Chuck (Wells) got it right and gives us a handy and useful guide. He uses high quality photos; has clear GPS waypoints and directions; insets colorful yet simple maps and highlights; and adds the important component of his first hand experience in riding the trail. Yes, that's right. If he writes about it; he's done it.

If you want a trail guide you can count on and keep handy in your ATV cargo box, you won't be disappointed in the ATV Trails Guide series from FunTreks.

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