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Dennis Mayer on the Rubicon Trail, leaning on his walking stick, smiling that magical Dennis smile

Donations may be sent be U.S. Postal Service directly to:

Umpqua Bank
3880 El Dorado Hills Blvd
El Dorado Hills, CA

Checks should be made out to the Dennis Mayer Memorial Fund
If you have questions about this Memorial Fund, contact:

Randy Burleson, Fund Executor at (916) 223-1608
Cathy Whitten, Manager at (866) 486-7782


Dennis Mayer Celebration of Life

His Legacy Will Live On -- We Celebrate Dennis and his Family

December 14, 2008, 2pm
Gold Country Fairgrounds, Auburn, CA

Please accept this invitation to attend the celebration of the life of Dennis Mayer -- a hero, a friend, a mentor, a father and husband, and just one of the best inspirations you could ever hope to know. We all miss him terribly; but he wanted us to celebrate his life, not cry. So here's the plan.

You can attend; you can donate to help; you can write your thoughts; or you can just up your efforts to save our trails and public access -- something Dennis fought for every day -- especially our famous Rubicon Trail.

The Rubicon Trail Foundation has a beautiful tribute to Dennis with a lot of information with a website dedicated to Dennis, right here at:

This will be a casual celebration of life (inside) with pictures, short speeches, lots of laughs in memory of Dennis and his love of four-wheeling, his friends and family, and his life. You can share your memories, or just listen and enjoy what others have to say. There will be plenty of parking -- bring your rig if you want to. Dennis loved his club, the Auburn Jeep Club, and they will be there helping us to remember things we love about Dennis.

We will give you more details as we get closer and if you sign up we'll make sure you know the last minute plans. :)

PLEASE let us know if you can make it on Sunday Dec. 14th. Drop me a note if you've not signed up somewhere else.

EMAIL me if you can make it.

thanks, Del
(Go here for more about Dennis and how he touched us)

Dennis Mayer in class

From Lady Red (Stacie, my better half):

Dennis never met a stranger and he had a wonderful ability to make a person feel like you’d known each other for years. He was a man who inspired, motivated and gently pushed us all to be their best no matter what the circumstances.

There was always a special light that surrounded Dennis and it beamed through him to all who were near. He will be sorely missed but dutifully remembered in a special place in all of our hearts.

Through him the Rubicon will always have a presence and all of us will feel it when we’re out there continuing the work that Dennis loved to do and look forward to every year. His enthusiasm and love for the trail and the greatness that it holds for bringing people together for a common good will live on through us as well. We won’t let him down.

Dennis was a peacemaker with a patient demeanor and in many circumstances his easy going ways and non pretentious actions showed many of us how to be better humans. He truly had a gift and had the heart and graciousness to share it with us all.

RIP Dennis Mayer and we’ll see you on the other side. Stacie Albright...

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