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Kurt Vander Weide

California Assembly 25th District

Kurt Vander Weide is a candidate for the 25th Assembly District in CA (Calaveras, Tuolumne, Mariposa, Madera, and Mono counties) who believes in good government, no new taxes, less government meddling, full support of our military, and responsible access to our lands and waterways.

He's a righteous family man that I've known for 11 years, who believes in America and the conservative values we respect. His common sense rules his judgments and actions. He's a man to trust who has a foundation built of integrity and honor.

Growing up in Ripon, CA, he was driving tractors at 5 years old on his family almond farm while learning the lessons of basic American rural life. Thinking he was going to be a "bugs and slugs" kind of guy, working for someone like CA Dept. of Fish and Game, he ended up starting his education with a degree in biology.

He then learned that fish and game (hunting, fishing, etc.) were not ruled by biology, but rather politics. So Kurt charged ahead to earn an MA Degree in Public Administration. There he found his goal in life -- to help people build a better country through the political process.

Kurt is a fundamental constitutionalist who fully believes in and lives by the founding documents of our great country -- the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. Does it get any better than that?

He is very tuned in and versed in CA water rights issues, farming and ranching needs, public land issues like access for hunting and fishing as well as motorized recreation, and family values. His background includes working for famous names in politics like George House, Dave Cogdill, and George Radanovich. Kurt has completed more than his share of basic training in California politics.

This is a man who believes in our great country and all the things that our forefathers gave us. He will be an excellent Assemblyman.

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