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Adler Publishing Books (Travel, 4x4)!!!

Our friends and supporters at Adler Publishing publish some great books for your rig -- travel, adventures, and 4x4 SUV trips. Wow. Don't miss out. I have the whole collection and can assure you these are great resources to have along on EVERY adventure.

Maps, GPS, historical notes and much more for hundreds of trips you can follow from just these books alone. Find roads you never knew of. See old mining camps, buildings and rock art you never knew was in your back yard. These books have it all.

I particularly love the Trails series size books they have (about 6 x 9 inches). The book paper is strong and the GPS coordinates and maps are easy to read. And this version fits nicely into pockets, nooks and crannies in my rig.

I also have a selection of the larger books, the Backcountry Adventures, and I would not be without these as well. I do a lot of research with these books, prior to and after my trips. However, for travel, I like the Trails size the best.

I suggest you get both for your favorite states!

Get a few and try them out.

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