Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) Sep. 29, 2007; Public Lands Day Event; Sign Up Form
Tahoe side workday combined with a celebreation of Public Lands Day.

National Public Lands Day FOTR Event: Sep. 29th.

Doug Barr says while he probably can’t be there due to work, he still has a major project for us to finish moving and placing rock on the Tahoe side.

1.   Boss: Scott Johnston (Cruzila) is the Incident Commander for this job. Thank you, Scott.

2.  Trailers: We need a dozen trailers (the loader can be there again); max of about 30-40 folks.  Unloading crew should not get muddy like last time.

3.  Waterbars: The water bars need to be cleaned up.  This was part of the agreement between all involved when they were put in place.  If they don't get maintained, then the water authority has the power to close the trail.  It should only take about eight people (two teams of four) moving from bar to bar.  Don't make each one perfect, just make each one better than before.

4.  Cadillac: Any bypasses still there need to be blocked.  There are no down snags or dead standing snags nearby.  This will be a winching/dragging operation to get trees to block the bypasses.  This needs to be done because the erosion is already evident.  Six or eight people, three vehicles with winches, the chainsaw might be a tough sell with the FS.

5.  Camping/Dinner: Camping is suggested for Kaspian Campground right at 89 and Blackwood Canyon.  The Rubicon Springs is too far in; the staging area doesn't allow it; they got mad about the tent in the grass at the Blackwood Campground; etc. so Kaspian would be a safe bet. Besides, you get a great view of Tahoe and an awesome sunrise.

6.  Hummer:  Hummer/GM has donated $5000 recently to the Rubicon Trail Foundation to help us with our efforts on the trail.  We’ll set up a nice BBQ on Hummer this time.  Probably at Kaspian.  I’ll double check with the Foundation for approval on dinner for us. They plan to have about 7 or 8 folks from back east there to help us work.

Because the Hummer/GM folks are staying in SLT, we’ll not start too early on the project.  Maybe 8:30 or 9am Saturday am.  Then dinner that evening and social event, plus National Public Lands Day celebration. 

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