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Loon Lake side and Wentworth workday -- several maintenance jobs

Work Weekend June 21-22 2008

We'll be (probably) working on repairing the kiosk deck steps and deck railing as well as a fresh coat of paint, doing some fence repair in the Bowl, adding signage, rework rock ramp at top of slabs, close bypass at old Gatekeeper, ditch work at Alligator, Walker Hill fixits, doing some recons (Gatekeeper, Wentworth, etc.), and other odd jobs getting ready for the wheeling season.

1.   Boss:.We're looking for an Incident Commander (boss) to take on the work project with me, Randy and others helping with any planning and paperwork. Several Team Leaders will be needed for these small jobs too.

2.  Camping/Dinner: For those that want to spend the night on the trail, camping is suggested in the Loon Lake area, or back along the lake in the organized campgrounds. No FOTR campsite is designated, so we're all just on our own to enjoy whatever rings your chimes. Some folks will be at Airport Flat just because it's in the middle and where dinner will be served.

3. Briefings: Most likely we'll do a few small briefings (by the Team Leaders) rather than one big gathering. With us spread out so much, smaller localized briefings will make sense. Each TL will set their briefing time as we get closer, but count on a pretty early start (8am) just in case. :)


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