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Facilitated Emergency Planning and Disaster Management Planning

by Del Albright, Albright Enterprises

With thirty-five (35) years of government service and experience, including twenty-six (26) years in the fire service (mostly at the Chief level), I can blend my facilitation skills with this emergency response experience to provide you with the optimum emergency planning and/or disaster preparedness/management and planning.

I have initiated, developed and facilitated Multi-agency Coordinating Groups (MAC). I am a qualified MAC Coordinator and Facilitator. I developed a Facilitator Training Program at the CDF Fire Academy in the 1980's. I can blend these skills to provide you with unique emergency preparedness planning that you can't find elsewhere. With over 2000 hours of facilitation experience, twenty years worth, for thousands of folks, you can rest assured that your planning needs will be met expeditiously and professionally.

I have helped government and non-governmental organizations plan for the management of fire, flood, hurricane, plane crash and nuclear emergencies.  No project is too big.

Disaster and emergency planning are critical to competent public agency management. Preplanning and visualization are key components to engaging all emergency services with the public prior to a disaster. Albright Enterprises offers first-hand experience through facilitated workshops to help develop successful preventative measures in emergency management.

Albright Enterprises sub-contracts for co-facilitators/experts as needed, with Del Albright being the lead facilitator in all cases.

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