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Motorized Recreation Summit 2005

Summit on OHV Recreation Announced for Washington D.C.

May 19, 2005
Message from Jack Welch, President, BlueRibbon Coalition

To: Motorized Recreation Leaders

The date for our Fall Motorized Recreation Summit has been moved to July, so time is short to make your plans.  Details are still being developed, but the dates are set. I would like to encourage all motorized recreation groups to get involved.  As a point of clarification, the summit will include, in addition to OHV's, Personnel Water Craft (PWCs) and snowmobile issues.  After all, we all operate on public lands! Please review the bulletin below for more details. In addition, please email Roy Denner (ORBA) or me if you can attend the Summit.

Jack Welch, President, BlueRibbon Coalition


May 25th 2005 Update ; Travel arrangements (click here)

MAY 18, 2005


OHV representatives from motorized off-highway vehicle recreation groups in the U.S. are invited to participate in a national OHV Summit event to be held in Washington, DC Tuesday, July 12th through Thursday, July 14th.

Participants should plan to fly to DC on Monday, July 11th.

Attendees will be divided into teams that will walk the halls of Congress
and meet with Congressional Representatives and their staff members.  Theprimary objectives will be:

To encourage Congressional Representatives to support House Resources Chairman Pombo's efforts to reform and update the Endangered Species Act. Most experts agree that, during the Act’s 30 years of existence it has done a poor job of actually recovering threatened or endangered species.

To educate legislators about the popularity and economic importance of OHV recreation in this country.  Organizations with specific issues will be able to meet with their Congressional Representative or his/her staff to discuss those issues.

Congressional Representatives and staff will be invited to attend areception where refreshments will be provided.  Attendees will have anopportunity to mingle on an informal basis.  Officials from the Departmentsof the Interior and Agriculture will be invited to participate.

The OHV Summit is being co-chaired by Jack Welch, President, BlueRibbon Coalition and Roy Denner, President & CEO, Off-Road Business Association.

Please respond by email to one of the co-chairmen if you would like to participate with names of potential attendees.


Jack Welch:
Roy Denner:

More information will be provided as the agenda firms up.  AdditionalInformation Bulletins will provide suggestions for hotels and transportation.

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