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SEMA 2003

Las Vegas, NV, Nov. 4-6, 2003

Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Aftermarket

Big Trucks, Rigs and Goodies on Display...

SEMA is about aftermarket goodies for vehicles of all types. It's a huge vendor show in Las Vegas, every year. It's not for the public; it's for buyers and business people. But boy are there some big trucks there. Most every after market business is also there. I cannot think of a single automotive goodie you cannot find at SEMA. And if you like big trucks, you'll see plenty of them at SEMA.

What is more important for me (and you, I hope) is that I spent some time looking for vendors and dealers who SUPPORT our recreation and access issues.

Anyone can sell goodies; but I won't buy from just anyone.

 I buy and/or recommend you buy ONLY from vendors and dealers who have stepped up to the plate to support our sports. Ask me if in doubt. If they give to club raffles, join clubs and organizations, give to legal efforts, or support land use in other ways, then they are on my GOOD list. If they are just in it for the money, and not contributing to access, then I understand that, but I sure won't buy from them. Del

SEMA 2003 big trucks on display

Greeting you at the entrance is a big foot stack. SEMA has plenty of show trucks.

SEMA 2003 big truck and 4wd accessories

ARB is one of my personal sponsors and a great contributer to our access efforts.

SEMA 2003

The SEMA hall is full of beautiful cars, trucks and accessories.

Big Trucks need big suspensions

Many suspension companies had great displays so you could get up close and personal.

a potential buyer looking at big trucks and goodies

A buyer looks at a great use of the Hi-Lift jack for vehicle recovery.

This bed liner company caught an employee sleeping on the job. Just kidding.

Buyers talking at SEMA

Dick Shannon (r) from Foothill Off Road buys a new product for a customer.

Pretty cars were on display also

Street rods, hot rods, and this pink rod were eye candy for many of us.

Hummer was probably the most popular vehicle in the off road catagory.

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Here are some dealers/vendors who directly support and sponsor my work for you.

Visit the SEMA web site.

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