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My Valentine's Day present 2007 was to pick up my jeep from Jeff Arabia's shop, with the final fixits and buildup all done. It has been a year and three months of rebuild and buildup since Nov. 2005 when we rolled Red over on the Rubicon. Tons of sponsors and donors have stepped up to help with this makeover and overhaul. It's been awesome! And now, my friend Jeff has taken it to the next and final (for now) level.

visit Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication
Jeff Arabia and his folks really went all out as one of my sponsors/helpers to make this final buildup a real winner! Jeff volunteered all his labor and parts to make this happen as one of his contributions to helping me keeping helping our trails. I am honored. The workmanship is uncompromisingly professional and awesome! He manufactured and installed a complete Arabia's Overkill custom powder-coated roll cage.  He talked Currie Enterprises into becoming one of my sponsors by adding the famous Currie Anti-rock system and heavy duty steering to Red.

Jeff also tri-linked my Rubicon Express Long Arm Kit and re-welded nearly every bracket on the Jeep suspension. Warn kicked in a new Powerplant and Warn front bumper, so Jeff installed those also. The roll cage was custom powder-coated at Farben Powder Painting in San Jose, CA. Wow.

If you're looking for a place in the west to get powder-coating done, I highly recommend Farben Powder Painting. Give them a call at (408) 436-8511.

The list goes on. I could never have afforded these wonderful and useful additions to Red. Without the help of folks like Jeff Arabia's Overkill Jeep Fabrication, Currie, Warn, and Farben Powder Painting, I'd be struggling.

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