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Off Pavement Patriotism


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Off Pavement Patriotism
It’s all about access to our heritage of freedom
By Del & Stacie Albright

We have finally learned the secret to why backcountry motorsports enthusiasts love what we do so much.  We can now wrap our arms around the magic that keeps us all working on our machines and hitting the trails, dunes, deserts and mountains.  It’s merely about freedom.  It’s all about access to the heritage of freedom that has been fought for so hard in our country and overseas.  It is a fundamental component of patriotism.

patriot As authors, we’ve struggled for some time trying to “label” the passion, devotion and commitment many of us have to our motorized conveyances.  We know now, that was the wrong approach; it’s not the machine; it’s what it gives us.  It’s about the freedom.

There is no doubt that the good old U.S. of A has some marvelous and spectacular scenery, coupled with a vast array of historical cool stuff to see.  But it is the freedom we have to explore that gives us that opportunity to enjoy all these things.  Our machines take us to places that give each of us a sense of our own heritage and freedom. (read more)

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