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Welcome Military Folks

What Military Jeepers Need to do to Save Our Sport

By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador, “Jeepndel”
And Todd Ockert, Director of Environmental Affairs, United Four Wheel Drive Assoc., “Navy-Jeepster”

The freedoms that we are defending today ( and that Del fought for in his day), are in jeopardy right here in the good old USA.  We’re talking specifically about the freedom to take your Jeep for a ride, on base/post or out in our public lands when you’re on home ground.  There are plenty of powerful folks who would like you to park your Jeep in the garage and never take it off pavement!  We can’t let that happen.  Military Jeepers can’t let that happen.  Allow us to explain.

Our freedom to recreate is in grave danger every day. 

Public lands belong to us as Americans and more so as those that defend Freedom! 

What does that mean to us in the military that do recreate? 

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