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Idaho State ATV Association

Greetings All,

 The first issue of the GEM STATE TRAIL MAIL, the official publication of the Gem State ATV Association of Idaho is now available at the following link: http://www.gemstateatv.org/docs/GSATVA_Newsletter_1-1.pdf.
We  encourage you to print copies and share it with other riders or dealers in your area.
We invite your review and comments, especially articles or issues for  future news letters on matters that may have statewide implications.  Further, we solicit your support and involvement in the Association to  help chart the course that we should be taking in the future. In other  words, this train is moving. You may be able to tag along but if you want  a seat up front and a say in the direction we go, you have to buy a
In the next issue we will cover the proposed ATV legislation that will be  introduced in the Idaho Legislature when they convene in January. It  promises to be a very interesting Session. The State House is closed for  renovation and the lawmakers will be crowded into the old Ada County  Courthouse next door, complete with heated porta-potties on the front  lawn. There will be virtually no room for observers but Idaho Public TV promises comprehensive coverage.
In the meantime, take a look at our website at http://www.gemstateatv.org.
You  can also reach us by snail-mail at either of the addresses shown in this  issue.
Ron & Tom
Gem State ATV Newsletter Committee

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