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Stacie Albright Photography

Hump'n Bump 2009

Vegas Valley 4Wheelers Put On a Great Event

Stac and I attended the Vegas Valley 4Wheelers 29th Annual Hump 'N Bump, right at the end of SEMA week, Nov. 2009. It was the biggest HnB yet; and what a blast. We gained several new BlueRibbon members, got to give away a set of BFGoodrich Tires as part of the raffle; and wheeled some very fun rocks.


Because H'n B is so successful and donates to land use organizations, BFGoodrich Tires kicked in a set of five (5) off road tires up to 37's for one lucky winner. Awesome folks, those BFG types.

BFGoodrich is teamed up with BlueRibbon Coalition for several fund-raising activities, like this raffle prize contribution. They have also sponsored tires for a Source Interlink Magazine give-away on behalf of raising money for BRC. And they are donating $5.00 per tire on 10 off road tire sizes (August thru December 2009) to BRC. Wow. They are on the team for sure.

Hump 'N Bump attracts folks from all over, with an estimated 240 rigs registered and dozens of activities to choose from. The trails in the Logandale OHV system are just plain kick-butt fun. We challenged our Jeep several times and thoroughly enjoyed the great folks who made this event happen. Thanks to all.

See photos from previous Hump 'N Bump events here.


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