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Most CA Forests Say No Fires

If you're using public lands in CA, it's time to do without a camp fire (or charcoal BBQ).  Many Forests and BLM areas are shutting down open fires (Fire Restrictions).  PLEASE obey these rules and help your fellow camping neighbors who may not know yet -- unattended or sloppy camp fires are one of our biggest causes of wildland fires in CA. 

Just the other day Stacie and I were camped near the Rubicon Trail.  In a designated (publicly available) campground, we found TWO unattended (left alone) smoldering camp fires.  National Forests like the Tahoe (Fordyce Trail) and the Eldorado (Rubicon Trail) are already in full effect Fire Restrictions.

That means no campfires, no wood fires, and no charcoal fires/BBQ.  Some campgrounds might have localized exceptions if they have a campground host and a water system.  But you'd best check first.  It's just time to retire fire for this summer.  Please help us keep our riding areas and trails beautiful.

Thanks for your help and understanding,
An old wildland fire chief... 

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