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Mormon Emigrant Trail, High Sierra Nevadas, CA

(Photos by Reno DiTullio)

The Mormon Emigrant Trail is a historic trans-Sierra Nevada Mountain route, where Mormon emigrants pulled wooden hand carts full of their belongings over the mountains from Utah to the gold fields of California. Today, recreationists can enjoy this scenic trail by motor, overlooking Silver Lake, not far from Carson Pass, CA.

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Airing down is always the first stop on this trail. While bouncy at first, it is not difficult until you reach the upper sections where 4wd and perhaps a locker are handy.

After a bouncy road, I always recommend looking for any loose bolts and nuts before hitting the pavement.

One of the first turn outs (camping sites) provides a beautiful view of Silver Lake along highway 88 (Carson Pass).

There are plenty of places to pull over and get out for a view. Sierra granite is predominant on the upper trail area.

This bathing beauty was found near Plasse's Trading Post, on the upper stretches of the trail.

Trees along this trail include Red Fir, Jeffrey Pine, Lodgepole Pine and several like this Western White Pine

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