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Clark Collins Resumes Executive Director Job of BRC.

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BlueRibbon Coalition Executive Director Receives AMA Motorcycling Advocate Award

(Presented at the 2004 BRC Fall Board Meeting)

(Clark is the co-Founder of the BlueRibbon Coalition and an avid recreationist)


      September 27, 2004 (POCATELLO, IDAHO) - BlueRibbon Coalition founder Clark Collins has stepped back into the Executive Director position he held since the organization's founding until January of this year. 

Former Public Lands Director, Bill Dart, who was promoted to the Executive Director position in January, resigned on September 24th. "I have resigned as Executive Director of the BlueRibbon Coalition,effective immediately," stated Bill Dart. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving BlueRibbon members and urge continued support of BlueRibbon's mission 'to preserve our natural resources FOR the public instead of FROM the public."

Jack Welch, BlueRibbon President, accepted Mr. Dart's resignation on behalf of the BlueRibbon Board, and stated "We thank Bill for his many fine efforts on behalf of the organization and wish him well."

Clark Collins, a co-founder of BlueRibbon who presently serves as it'sDirector of Development and served as Executive Director between 1987 and 2003, will act as BlueRibbon's interim Executive Director pending further action by the BlueRibbon Board of Directors.    


(Note from Bill) 

Dear Friends and Associates:

 I recently e-mailed you asking you to consider contacting members of theBoard of Directors of the BlueRibbon Coalition on my behalf and ask them to reserve judgment on my future as the Executive Director of BlueRibbon until the issue of the notice of violation I received alleging conducting abusiness on public lands without a permit was resolved.  

On September 24 & 25, the BlueRibbon Board held their regular semi-annual board meeting here in Pocatello, and I had the opportunity to meet with the Board and discuss my situation with them.  The end result was that we came to a mutually agreed upon decision that it would be in the best interests of everyone to resolve the issue at this time. 

Accordingly, I have resigned as the BlueRibbon Coalition Executive Director, effective 9-24-04.   Many, many issues in the recreation access arena are ongoing right now, and BlueRibbon needs to direct all of its resources on these issues and not be distracted with side issues that might impact the effectiveness or credibility of BlueRibbon.

  I am leaving BlueRibbon in an amicable manner, and I do not want this issue to affect your relationship with BlueRibbon.  I want to ask each of you to continue to support BlueRibbon and its mission of "preserving our natural resources FOR the public instead of FROM the public" as you have in the past.  I also want to thank everyone so very much for your support.  I want to tell you that it is hard for me to express how much your support means to me.  I hope to be able to continue to work in the recreation access arena and have an opportunity to give something back to you in return.

If I can be of any assistance ,  or if you would like to speak to me, youwill be able to contact me at my home phone number, 208-233-1813, or on my cell phone at 208-241-7894 or by e-mail at Bill Dart   

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