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Cingular Wireless -- Buyer Beware!

Cingular has come along ways since I posted this page. I now find my Cingular phone working pretty darn well and the coverage has improved immensely in just the last several months (2006). So I still suggest you check your back country areas where you travel to see if the coverage is there. But I will say that I am now much happier with my Cingular service, especially with my home store here in Jackson, CA, CPD Wireless. If you live in Tuolumne/Calaveras/Amador area, be sure to avoid the Angels Camp store (read why here).

If you travel the back country, the remote trails, and more than one state, then beware of the hype around Cingular Wireless. This is my personal opinion and not related in any way to any organization that I work for, represent or am a member of. I'm here to tell you that for what I do, upgrading (yea, right) from AT&T to Cingular was prematurely a big mistake on my part. Customer Service is still an unending loop that can frustrate you; but I suspect Cingular isn't the only service like this.

Cingular is GSM technology (different dishes and signals). AT&T is digital/analog. AT&T works in so many places that Cingular does not. The bottom line is that this merger is in it's infancy and rotten right now. Wait until they get things worked out.  Once you change over, you can't go back.

The basics are: 1) the reception is good around big cities and major thoroughfares. It stinks once you get off the big highways or in hills. 2) Customer Service is one big un-ending loop of automated responses, especially on weekends. Terrible!

I'm sure there are some areas where Cingular Wireless works just fine -- flat areas, large metro areas, etc. But it doesn't work in the back country where I travel. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Talk to someone who has it in your area before you move to Cingular Wireless.

Cell phones to recreationists can be our live saver.  I have already been in one situation where our cell phone saved a life.

So just beware. Do your homework for where you travel. If you're a wheeler or snowmoblier or dirt biker or whatever, BEWARE of moving to Cingular Wireless until you know what works in those areas you recreation. Otherwise, your cell phone might be useless to you.

Email me if you have any questions.

Del 4/27/05

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